Hickory Floor Tillered Stave - 65"

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These kits are a great way to learn tillering and some of the basics of self bow building. Each one is floor tillered and has the string groves already in place. Hickory can make a great bow. To finish simply remove wood from the belly to reduce poundage, the back only needs sanding.

Most of these kits will end up in the 50 lb range but you can easily remove more material for a finished bow in 40's. Heavier bows can be made by simply removing less wood.

When you get them, these bows have no shelf cut in them so you can make either a right handed, a left handed, or even an ambidextrous bow. Most folks finish these bows out to be shot off their knuckle anyway.  Optional: You can cut in a very narrow shelf, and/or build the shelf out a bit with leather if you prefer.  



  • Stave Only
  • approx 65"