Double Down Longbow and Recurve Stringer

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  • Double Down stringer design allows for stringer pressure to be placed on the wider part of the limbs instead of the tips like traditional stringers

  • Perfect for Selfbows, Longbows, English longbows and Modern Recurves

  • The major issue with most stringers are that they use a fabric pouch at one of the tips which can tear from weak spots or deteriation. The double block system eliminates this.

  • This double block design allows for even pressure on the limbs because the blocks are centered evenly on both limbs instead of having one tip bare most of the pressure.

  • With traditional stringers, limb twisting can still occur is the pouch is not centered properly. This design eliminates the pouch and gives greater control to the archer.

  • To use - String one end of the bow. Then, simple place the blocks evenly towards the tips of the limbs and pull up to string the other side.

  • Perfect for selfbows, longbows, english longbows and modern recurves

  • ***Not to be used on bows over 80#***

  • ***COLORS VARY***