Deluxe Howard Hill Hunting Quiver

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Handmade of top grain and extra quality Latigo leather. Rugged style and quality. 20" and 22" lengths, right or left-handed. Hand-laced. Available in a very heavy, stiff leather or a softer, more conforming leather. This is the quiver that Howard Hill used for hunting.

20.5" Circumference. Specify 20" or 22" length, right or left-handed.

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    Great so far

    Posted by on 24th Jul 2017

    I have only had this quiver for three weeks, but I have worn and shot with it every day. I had to adjust the strap some, but now it's comfortable. There will be plenty of room for adjustment as the weather turns cooler for hunting.

    I got the soft, collapsing model as it works best for keeping arrows quiet when hunting, and also keeps the arrows in the quiver as you bend over or move around. The leather is of good quality, and pliable without being too thin or flimsy. Build quality seems to be very good so far. Again, it's just three weeks in, but I am happy and feel like I will get my money's worth.

    Many people that try back quivers wind up not liking them because they are uncomfortable or loud or quickly start to fall apart. The Hill style quiver, when used properly, is comfortable, quiet, secure, and will last if you buy a good one.

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    SOFT version Hill Quiver is THE BEST

    Posted by Perry Adkisson on 26th Apr 2017

    I've been a traditional archer and hunter for over 30 years. My "go to" bows have been longbows and recurves. Despite the popularity of bow quivers, I have never liked them and always felt they took away from the balance of a fine bow, even on a recurve. Having always loved the shooting and work of the greats like Fred Bear and Howard Hill, of course I have tried both their methods extensively. My first Howard Hill quiver was purchased by me some 25 years ago and was the standard HEAVY latigo leather. I purchased it because I thought it would last longer and maybe protect the arrows and me from the sharp broadheads better. Sadly, no matter the never broke in and was stiff till the day I sold it on eBay a few years ago. Having read more extensively about Howard Hill through the years I became convinced that the quiver he most used for hunting was a SOFT version. I ordered that product here and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in only a few days. I was even more pleased when I found it was made from an oiled more pliable leather which is just what I was looking for. I did go ahead and coat in inside and out with Montana Pitch Blend leather dressing which only made it better! As usual for me I moved the top strap position to the center of the quiver so the arrows are better reachable for my body shape. It collapses in the middle (just as pics of Howard Hills quiver show) and when worn adjusted properly (just tight enough, but not uncomfortably so) it holds the arrows SILENTLY and they will not even fall out if I bend completely over to pick arrows and such off the ground and it's perfectly safe because of the multiple layers of stiffer leather in the bottom. The SOFT Howard Hill quiver is THE DELUXE QUIVER as far as I'm concerned. Lesson learned. This one is not only good, it's PERFECT in my opinion!! Great product, and great service from Crowshead!!!

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    great quality

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar 2017

    Excellent build quality