Classic Traditional Arrows - Dozen

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  • These arrows are made from premium 11/32" cedar shafts, spined to perfection.
  • The shafts are checked for straightness during the building process and matched in spine and weight to get that tight arrow group you need.
  • Sealed wih Gasket Lacquer system to seal arrows, it adds thin coats to build up a dense, hard, durable finish.
  • fletched with 5 ½" left wing high back shield TrueFlight feathers
  • We also use Bohning Classic standard for Nocks.
  • These arrows are walnut stained.
  • Field Points are installed FREE
  • all arrows are cut to 31"


Spine Weight Selection Guide:


  • Go to the next spine weight heavier than your bow
  • Example: 40-45 Draw Weight bow would need a 45-50 Spine Weight Arrow


Bow Draw Weight Arrow Spine Weight
20-25 30-35
25-30 30-35
30-35 35-40
35-40 40-45
40-45 45-50
45-50 50-55
50-55 55-60
55-60 60-65
60-65 65-70
65-70 70-75


Warranty Information

All finished bows have a 6 month warranty against manufacturers defects ONLY. This 90 day period starts when you receive your order in the mail. Bow Building supplies have no warranty.