Rubbermaid® Pelouze Hanging Bow Scale

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The new and improved Rubbermaid® Pelouze hanging scale is the bow-makers best friend. Know what your bow weighs at any draw length. This accurate spring-loaded scale measures in 1 pound increments up to 110#. Pelouze THE respected name in scales for generations. Heavy duty steel construction with steel hooks for long lasting use. Large easy to read dial makes finding your bow weight fast and easy.

  • Spring-loaded scale
  • 110# max
  • One Ib increments

    Bow Building Tip: Never over-stress your limbs as you bring a bow to tiller by pulling the limbs past your target weight. For instance, if your target weight is 50# and you are close to your tillering process, if you bend the limbs three inches and hit 50#, stop. Work on reducing weight and maintaining good limb bending. The next time you test your bow, you might pull it 13 inches before you hit 50#. Stop. Work on your bow some more. Continue in this fashion until the bow is tillered. With the help of a bow scale like the Pelouze, you'll build better bows.