Leather Bow String Keeper | Tan | Crow

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Leather String Keeper

  • Retain String Twist
  • Sustains Brace height
  • Scratch Resistant

Rasher's Leather String Keeper holds your bowstring up when unstrung.  This helps in maintaining twists, therefor maintaining your brace height. The leather design prevents scratches and dings in your limbs that can be caused by hardwood, plastic, bone, or metal buttons. This design fits all longbows and recurve bows. 


  • Remove string from upper limb nock leaving the string loop over the limb.
  • Keep the lower string loop placed in the nock on the lower limb.
  • Place the Rasher String Keeper over the upper nock with lace lying on the back of the bow limb. 
  • Slip the Lace Knot and Leather Round through the upper string loop. 
  • Hold the Knot and push the Leather Round up until the bowstring is snug.