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The Ranger bow build

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Crows Head was commissioned to design and build bows for an upcoming film project: The Rangers

Step One: Come up with an idea

  • This was the hardest step. Sure there are examples of ranger bows, but I wanted to capture something different and relate to the film concepts and background.
  • The Ranger film had a cool logo/artwork already designed and I wanted to incorporate that into the bow design somehow.

Step Two: Concept Drawing

  • I have never been accused of being a great artist, and my concept drawing is no different.
  • I wanted to show the leather wraps and artwork ideas
  • 2014-06-30 12.28.48-2

Step Three: Mockup

  • This was the easiest part – just build the bow
  • I took pictures along the way
  • The pictures tell the story
  • 64″ Hickory Longbow
  • Pictures of bow prior to wraps and artwork
  • 2014-07-02 22.38.51 2014-07-02 22.38.53 2014-07-02 22.39.01
  • Pictures with wraps and artwork – approved by The Ranger crew
  • 2014-07-05 20.07.44 2014-07-05 20.06.53 2014-07-05 20.06.45 2014-07-05 20.06.16 2014-07-05 20.02.37
  • This has been a great project so far and there will be more bows to come for this film in upcoming posts.

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